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Welcome to Langford Gems & Lapidary

Langford Gems and Lapidary has a selection of hand picked, premium cut gemstones from all over the world; taking a single piece of naturally shaped gem rough and sculpting it into a finished and professionally cut gemstone.

Scott Langford, master gemcutter, works with the stone‚Äôs natural form and creates brilliantly stunning pieces; hand crafted, faceted and cabochon gemstones and all things different. He produces high quality, unique pieces.

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Gemstone of the Week

spinel red round lg498 

Red Spinel

A tiny but mighty red spinel. 4.25mm round, 0.46 carats.


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This Month's Birthstone

 spinel rounds smallperidot oval lg263 ps

August -  Peridot is the birthstone for August and now Spinel has been added too! 

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