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Chrysoberyl, not to be confused with beryl,  is durable gem.  It is most valuable as a yellow stone, but also comes in brown, green and orange. It has other varieties of Alexandrite and Cat's Eye. Chrysoberyl has been regarded to protect its wearer and keep disaster at bay. Chrysoberyls are said to promote concentration and the ability to learn, and to enable the wearer to think clearly and far-sightedly.


Note: Photographing gemstones requires magnification and bright lighting.  Some inclusions are visible under these conditions just as if you were viewing the stones using a loupe.   Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible with the naked eye.


Current Chrysoberyl Available


Size - 8.3mm x 5.8mm
Weight - 1.85 carats
Cut - Fancy Cushion
Qty - 1 available
Price - $984.94 AUD
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