Langford Gems and Lapidary has a selection of hand picked, premium cut gemstones from all over the world; taking a single piece of naturally shaped gem rough and sculpting it into a finished and professionally cut gemstone.

Scott Langford, master gemcutter, works with the stone’s natural form and creates brilliantly stunning pieces; hand crafted, faceted and cabochon gemstones and all things different.
He produces high quality, unique pieces.

Faceted Gemstones
Pairs and Sets

About Langford Gems

Langford Gems and Lapidary was established in 1997 by master gem cutter Scott Langford.

Scott is a qualified gemologist (Diploma of Gemmology) and a member of the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA).

He has serviced the Australian jewellery trade and is well respected. He is a committee member of the Jewellers Association of Australia( JAA) , South Australian branch.

Scott has fostered his keen interest in gemstones since youth through studying, training and working. He started studying jewellery leading to his employment as a junior lapidarist under the guidance of Murray Thompson Lapidary and eventually, established his own business where he’s developed his own style of cutting, which has made him the master gem cutter he is today. Now living and working in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia with his wife and young family.

Langford gems and lapidary provides a number of lapidary services for all, including:

  • Selling of premium cut gemstones in all varieties of cuts and shapes – wholesale and retail
  • Re-cutting and re-polishing of facetted stones, cabochons and all types of opal
  • Cutting of gem rough into finished stones in all types of material
  • Small scale drilling
  • Pearl rethreading
  • Custom gem cutting to suit unique and individual designs

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